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In 1999 a few companies began offering Free Internet access to select individuals. It became popular quickly, and companies everywhere began offering Free Internet access for modems and ISDN by the summer of 2000. Unfortunately, by the end of 2000 there remained only a dozen or so of these companies, from the 200 that existed in the spring of 2001. After all, how can anyone afford to give something away for free and expect to survive in business? Now it's 2005, and there still are free services on the net. Net Zero is the only corporate one remaining, however most communities have community based free internet services, listed here as well. I hope this site helps you.

Nevertheless, there are still some companies that provide free internet access, and free email and are not out of business. These would be those using the service as a contact method to the public, a way to build client/contact bases. If you don't mind being a participant in that, then there is no reason not to use the services. Besides, simply by being online and using an email account, or joining any program, you are being a part of the online contact community.

If you are paying anything for 56k modem Internet access, the question is why they would ask? Take the first step today and get your free internet connection, many with a POP email account (not web-based). Sites listed here provide free Internet access in Canada and/or the USA.

There are also companies that will pay you to be online: surf, email and do whatever else you do while connected to the Internet. $20, $50, $100 a month was truly attainable for the average surfer without great effort in early 2000. With the collapse of internet companies these rates have dropped 75% or more. Certainly, you could cover the cost of your phone line or ISP by participating in some of these programs.

Below you will find two lists of services. On the left are Free ISP's for your dial up connection. On the right are well established companies that will pay you to be online. You can join more than one of each. It may be a good idea to have a backup ISP... Backups are good in every situation!

Even if you are not in need of a free dial-up connection, I recommend you join one of the Paid to Surf programs. I am sure you will find it worth your while. I suggest using a distinct email address for joining Free ISP's and any online organization - this will help you keep junk mail from your personal email accounts.

These organizations can afford to give away free internet access, and pay you for your time online thru advertising revenue. Free ISP's generally display banner ads on your screen or ask you to provide survey/consumer information regularly, and Paid to Surf programs do the same. It is a small tradeoff for saving $20 a month or more, and earning more cash at the same time. It is true that dozens of these Paid to Surf companies have gone out of business in late 2000 and early 2001, however the companies that did not over-extend themselves are still operating today and will likely remain.

Click on the logo of the company you are interested in joining, or learning more about. Before you continue, I would like to thank you for visiting my site. I created and opened this site April 13, 2000. You are visitor #18589 since that time. Last update January 16, 2006. To contact me, click here.



Free ISP list

Juno Canada & USA

Juno provides free internet access and email services in the US and Canada. Premium services provide added features and broadband access, starting at $10/month.

This is one of the very few free internet providers that have survived the .COM collapse. Juno and NetZero are now one organization. [Jan 2005]

NetZero Free Internet in Canada & USA

NetZero is available in Canada and the USA. They are one of the original providers, and continue to be a strong player in the field. 10 hours a month are provided free, and membership begins at under $5US per month. They provide email account to all members as well. [April 2005]

Vancouver Canada: Community Network

VCN is a community-owned provider of internet tools and services for sharing the broadest range of information, experience, ideas, and wisdom.

Members may use dial-up in 90 minute intervals, at specified 'free' times of each day. Registered users also receive POP/IMAP email, 10mb hosting and tools, training and more. [April 2005]

Other Free Community based ISPs:

World-Wide Freenets Listing

Paid to Surf companies

Cash Surfers

Cash Surfers is an good and stable Paid to Surf company. Hourly rates have been increasing monthly, and are now about $.05 US. A screen wide banner window displays along the bottom of your screen while you are online up to 120 hours a month, 4 hours max per day. [Oct 2001]


Spedia pays members for surfing, playing games, emailing, and gives shopping rewards. They use the Spedia Bar, a screen wide banner ad window which pays you for your surfing time. You are only credited for Netscape or MSIE active surfing time, but there is no monthly use limit. In addition, you can earn up to $20 for joining certain programs and taking offers through their site. [Jun 2001

Over 90% of the Paid to Surf type organizations closed between August 2000 and Oct 2001. Those that have remained have a better than not chance of surviving - if they only work to within their financial limits. It looks like they will.

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